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What’s in a weathervane?

We have chosen a weathervane to represent our work for several reasons. The ornament, which moves with the
dominant winds, represents current trends, styles of modern design, and day-to-day flexibility. The fixed points of
the compass represent the unchanging, foundational principals of classic design at the core of this creative group.
The alert rooster perched on the top of the weathervane symbolizes keen observation, practical thinking, and
attention to detail in the execution of design – getting the job done right the first time.

Taken together, these capabilities allow us to assist you by “designing powerful first impressions”
showcasing your message in a style that won’t soon be forgotten.

Weathervane Creative, Inc.

is your full-service graphic design company.

Small Business Services

Small Business Services

Affordable Solutions

Offering a full range of services for small to medium businesses, Weathervane Creative can help you grow your bottom line by enabling you to effectively deliver your message to potential customers.

Creative Design

Creative Design

Concept to completion

A book really is judged by its cover and businesses are often judged by the quality of branding, website, and print material. You have only one opportunity to make a first impression—good design makes it powerful.

First-Class Web Solutions

First-Class Web Solutions

Manage your own site.

Whether you need a completely custom website, or a simple online presence, our simple CMS will allow you to edit your site any time you like without having to pay outrageous pricing for easy updates.

With more than fifty years of combined experience in creative design and marketing for small businesses, Weathervane Creative, Inc. is a group of creative geniuses specializing in helping you powerfully deliver your message across both print and web design. We offer a broad range of expertise from design and creative services for the paper-and-ink projects, to digital design for custom websites, with strategies for nearly every project and product.

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We design powerful first impressions. Let’s talk.

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