All You Need to Know About Our Sign Design Process

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You have information you need to get across, and you want to use a sign to do it. In this case, a plain white background and traditional black text aren’t going to cut it – you need an incredible sign design to get your information noticed and get the results you want.

All You Need to Know About Our Sign Design Process

If you need something different, eye-catching, and impactful for a new sign, turn to us at Weathervane Creative. We are sign design professionals in the Hickory, North Carolina area who want to create beautiful signs for your next business sale, campaign, event, or gathering, so you can effectively get your information out there and get people to notice what you have to say.

Here’s what our sign design process looks like:

  • You tell us what type of event, sale, or gathering you want to advertise, as well as the details about when, where, who, and what it is.
  • You also give us info about what kind of designs you like and what you prefer for the final outcome.
  • Our designers get to work designing the perfect sign with your preferences and the details of your campaign in mind.
  • We send you a preliminary design for approval, and if you like it, we finalize and print your sign.

Our goal is to always come up with incredible sign designs that go above and beyond what you expected. Contact us to learn more about our sign design process or to place an order for a new sign.