Mailers, Hickory, NC

Create mailers that stand out.

When people get their mail, they typically look for interesting, engaging, and important pieces, discarding the rest. You want your company’s mailers to stay out of this discard pile, and the best way to do that is to partner with us at Weathervane Creative.

Mailers in Hickory, North Carolina

We’re a team of creatives that serves businesses in Hickory, North Carolina, helping them deliver better first impressions and reach their marketing goals. If you feel like your mailers aren’t cutting it, turn to us. We’ll come up with a strategy that showcases what you’re all about, relays important information, and gets your phone ringing.

All effective mailers must grab attention within a matter of a few seconds. If you miss this opportunity, your mailers will be forgotten about. Our entire focus is on creating this hook that makes people look at your mailers and act on the information included. Whether you want people to call about a big promotion, put your info in their phone for the next time they need your services, or act on a big sale you have going on, we’ll create mailers for your organization that inspire action and get results.

Give your mailers an effective makeover and watch as they transform the way your business runs. For more information about our design and creative processes and how we can help you develop better mailers, get in touch with us today.

FAQs About Mailers

Our team at Weathervane Creative offers a variety of services to help you promote your business effectively, and one of the many things we can help you with is direct mailers. Below, we have put together a few of our most frequently asked questions on the subject—and their answers—to help you get a better idea of how we can help you.

What are mailers?

Mailers is an industry term that refers to any document that is directly mailed to your customers, such as a coupon or catalogue. Some companies even mail things like personalized gifts as a way to retain loyal customers.

Are mailers an effective promotional tool?

In our experience, mailers are a highly useful marketing tool, and one that you can use to great effect. While many companies worry that direct mail campaigns will annoy their customers with “junk mail,” research has consistently shown that mailers have a response rate that is up to 30 times higher than the response rate for digital ads. In addition, as direct mail becomes less common, your mailers become more memorable and distinct in the eyes of your customers and are more likely to get a response.

What makes mailers effective?

There are a few different reasons why direct mailers continue to be an effective tool for promoting your business. The first reason is that the best mailers are designed to be memorable—people are more likely to remember a personalized note or beautifully designed card than a digital ad. The second is that direct mail is tangible—people respond better to things they can feel and touch.  The third is that mailers offer enormous potential for creativity. You can easily create mailers that stand out from the crowd by offering handwritten notes, free samples, experience tickets, coupons, and more.

At Weathervane Creative, we create mailers for businesses in Hickory, Charlotte, Statesville, Mooresville, Boone, Asheville, Lenoir, Gastonia, Morganton, Lake Norman, Denver, Winston-Salem, Taylorsville, Grandfather Mountain, Banner Elk, Catawba County, and the North Carolina Foothills.