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We tailor your event branding to match the type of event and your objectives.

If you want to differentiate your Hickory, North Carolina company from the competition, you use branding to create excitement about your company. The same philosophy can be effective for organizing a successful event. With event branding, you will not only draw more attendees, but the right ones. That is important if your main objective isn’t just to sell tickets to your event, but also to convert attendees to customers. At Weathervane Creative, our graphic design team has more than 60 years of collective experience and the insight and know-how to develop event branding that makes a difference.

Event Branding in Hickory, North Carolina

We are familiar with all types of events, so we have no issues with tailoring your event branding to the situation involved. For example, event branding for an expo full of competitors is different than an annual event held at a conference venue where everyone is there to see only you. We understand that your event branding needs to draw people and make your company memorable for maximum lead conversion.

We take the time to learn what you want to accomplish at each event and tailor your event branding accordingly. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution that fits every company in an industry. There also isn’t one that fits every event you do. Our personalized approach enables you to achieve your objectives each and every time.

If you have questions about our event branding services or any of the work that our team of creatives brings to the table, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

FAQs About Event Branding

When your Hickory, North Carolina company holds an event, there is a specific purpose in mind. Even a customer-appreciation event is designed to grow your business. Whether you hope to retain loyal customers or to create more, nothing can be achieved if you do not draw the numbers you desire. At Weathervane Creative, we understand you could have multiple goals in mind for your event, so we take the time to address your questions and learn about your objectives, so we can present you with event branding solutions that make sense and are as effective as possible. Here are a couple common questions about event branding to get you started.

Can event branding shift my event from being a break-even situation to a profit maker?

If you need your event to “just pay for itself,” that is certainly a goal we can work with. Perhaps it is the long-term benefits you are going for in that instance. However, if you want the event to bring in money, such as a fund-raiser or another event intended to turn a profit, we can gear your event branding in that direction. Many goals can be accomplished with the right event branding, so we take the time to understand what you hope to achieve.

What can event branding do for an annual event?

The beauty of annual events is the opportunity to learn from the preceding ones. We carefully analyze past results to see where improvements could be made to create an even more successful event while ensuring the loyalty and excitement of past attendees.

At Weathervane Creative, we offer event branding services for businesses in Hickory, Charlotte, Statesville, Mooresville, Boone, Asheville, Lenoir, Gastonia, Morganton, Lake Norman, Denver, Winston-Salem, Taylorsville, Grandfather Mountain, Banner Elk, Catawba County, and the North Carolina Foothills.


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