Done Well, Direct Mail Marketing Can Be Very Effective.

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In a time when fewer companies are using direct mail marketing, this may be the perfect way to set yourself and your business apart from the competition. Far from being outdated and obsolete, effective direct mail marketing can give you a significant return on investment. To get the most out of your invested money, you will need to make sure that your direct mail offerings are designed and printed to perfection.

Done Well, Direct Mail Marketing Can Be Very Effective.

Here are some things to avoid when creating flyers, postcards, or other direct mail items:

  • Too many images: The right number of images will depend on the type of mailer you are creating. A postcard works best with one extremely effective image rather than a collage. A flyer may be able to have more images of varying sizes. A good rule of thumb is to have one or two images per page.
  • Too many words: Excessive text can quickly overwhelm a would-be reader and potential customer. Avoid excess and think about what information is most important. Stick to one tagline and one call to action.
  • Too many fonts: Mixing fonts together makes it harder to read and understand. Choose one or two easy-to-read fonts and emphasize or highlight sections using the size and degree of the font instead.
  • No clear audience: Each direct mailer should have a specific audience in mind and should focus on one main objective. Do you have a new product or service you want to share? Do you have a special event planned? Or maybe an upcoming sale?

Once you have created a direct mailer, proofread everything carefully. It is also essential to invest in a quality print job for a polished, professional look.