How Brochures Communicate What Your Company Is All About

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Brochures are very important publications for many companies, both large and small. They offer your target audience a brief yet detailed look into your company, your products and services, and the things that set you apart from everyone else—that is, if your brochures are designed carefully and intentionally.

How Brochures Communicate What Your Company Is All About

A brochure that hasn’t had much thought put into it is more likely to end up in a prospective customer’s trash can than do you any favors. To prevent this, let’s look at what makes a great brochure. One of the most important elements of a fantastic brochure is a strong and clear message. You have to think about why you are creating the brochure and who will read it for it to be effective.

While the words themselves are very important, you have to hold people’s interest with the overall design to entice them to actually read what’s written in the brochure. Here are a few ways brochures can visually communicate what your company is all about:

  • Fonts- The typefaces your brochure uses and their size variations help to provide visual interest, break up content into different sections (making it more digestible to read), and provide a sense of your brand’s identity. Some typefaces look very serious or elegant, while others look more playful, and the right ones will help your brochure depict your company accurately.
  • Layout- A haphazard layout or even one that looks very stiff and structured can give the wrong impression. Brochures with a great layout create a natural flow that will hold your audience’s attention, encouraging them to keep reading and allowing your message to sink in.
  • Colors- Colors have an emotional effect on viewers and can help to relay your brand message. For instance, blues can portray your company as trustworthy and loyal, while red conveys power and green suggests growth.