Tips for Using Brochures to Advertise Your Business

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Brochures are a great way to drum up new business and entice customers with your products and services. But this can only happen if you put some thought into the creation of your brochures at the very beginning. Here are our top tips for using brochures to advertise your business:

  • Before you spend any time writing the text for a brochure or planning out the images, think about who you’re trying to reach. Determine why they should choose your product or service and some of the things that differentiate your business from its competitors.

Tips for Using Brochures to Advertise Your Business

  • Don’t put a picture of your business’ office or storefront on the front of your brochures. Instead, choose appealing images that speak to what your customers want from your business and catch the eye.
  • Your customers, while they might be interested in your products and services at face value, are more interested in how what you offer will benefit them. For this reason, speak to the “why” behind your products and services and what sets your business apart.
  • The average reader will look at a brochure for about five seconds before putting it down. When you create your brochures, make sure the text and images are organized to inform and inspire action quickly.

And finally, no matter how much time you put into your brochures, they won’t get much attention unless they look professional. We’re here to help with the brochure creation process, so get in touch with us at Weathervane Creative today.